Dentbarā„¢ - The simplest dent removal tool

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šŸ”§The easy way to remove dents yourself!

TheĀ Dentbarā„¢Ā is a lightweight glue tab pulling toolĀ that is suitable for removing all kinds of dents. It works on cars, trucks, motorcycles, washing machines, refrigerators, hail damage,etc... .


  • Clean the dent with a clean, wet cloth to ensure better adhesiveness.
  • Preheat your hot glue gun.
  • Select proper & suitable glue tabs from the 16 sizes tab.
  • Apply hot glue on the tab.
  • Put the tab on the dented area.
  • Pull the bar repeatedly until the dent is recovered.
  • Use alcohol and a plastic shovel to clean up the residual glue.

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